About Salaam African Bank

Salaam African Bank is one of the leading providers of best business ethics compliant financial products and services in the East African region. Launched in 2007, Salaam African Bank aims to be the pioneer of business ethics compliant services through the use of state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date financial services.

Salaam African Bank prides itself in being the first private bank to ever have its headquarters in the Republic of Djibouti. This is an important milestone for Djibouti because the bank is well equipped to serve their clients and proactively respond to their needs like never before. Their customer-focused mentality has positioned the bank to deliver fast services and respond directly to customer demands.

Branches of Salaam African Bank can now be found in several locations throughout the region, including a three-story building located at the heart of the Djibouti business center and on Pierre Pascal Avenue next to the Djibouti Trade Union center. Furthermore, ATM locations can be found in the Airport, Arranhma Hospital, Nougaprix, and Napoleon among others.

With a forward-thinking approach, they have introduced Djibouti to a wide-range of unprecedented products and services, including POS machines, mobile banking, online banking, and Mobile Money Transfer platforms. Salaam African Bank now has the highest number of branches and ATM’s in the country as well as over 20 correspondent banking relationships all over the world.

Salaam African Bank aims to improve the lives of those in the community by empowering them through financial means. As individuals continue to take control of their personal finances, it allows them to grow their portfolio and build wealth as well as contribute to the social and economic stability of the country.

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